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Ilfat Galiev
Software Engineer

Welcome to my blog!

Here I will be talking about my journey into the world of software development. Even though I started working in the Tech field a long time ago, I think it's never too late to start telling my story.

I'm 10+ year experience implementing UI with JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML/CSS and frameworks (React.js, Redux, ExtJS,Angular), moreover experienced in C#, .Net and Node.js for backend development.

  • Certified LookerML Developer and Power BI Data Analyst Associate
  • Led the entire project as project manager and solution architect with a 6-person development team.
  • Implemented a converter of query results into .Net objects, which accelerated code writing by 50%.
  • Implemented 5 complex Power BI plugins for data visualization.

And I'm obsessed with developing Power BI visualization.

I hope you find the blog useful.

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