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Charticulator upcoming updates

· 2 min read
Ilfat Galiev
Software Engineer

Power BI Certification

The Charticulator Visual Community (View) has passed the certification and will be available for end users in 2-3 weeks.

The Charticulator Visual Community (Editor) shows notification in toast when chat saves in visual settings.

Popup toast notification

Scale editor popup

Issue with scale editor popup on click on scale has been partially fixed. When user clicks on scale name on Scales list panel editor opens Scale editor.

Scale editor popup

Columns highlight fixed partially

The visual passed highlight columns correctly. Highlight controls was added into visual settings.

Highlight settings

The visual enabled the highlight settings for editor if template contains highlight columns.

Highlights demo

TODO: need to implement case when highlight disabled and visual doesn't filter category values.

Attribute panel

Attribute panel has border lines for each group of properties.

Attribute panel

Fixing issue with sorting axes data in plot segment

The sorting axis value by another colum works now

Sorting demo

Importing chat templates fixed

The visual supports importing templates in edit mode.

Import button

Import demo

Bind data button icon

The icons of data binding button has been fixed

Bind data button

The issue, when chart attributes doesn't filters properly, has been fixed

Dataset and Glyph/Attributes panels are collapsible

It brings more space for editing the chart. Data can be bind to properties on Attributes panel. It's not necessary to have Dataset panel always visible

Collapsible panels


You can download the latest development version in Visuals menu of blog

Visuals menu